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we want to use several devices with xillybus on one windows host pc. The Windows driver exposes its interfaces through device files with a
\\.\xillybus_prefix. So my question is , how is made a distinction between device files different devices from the perspective of a user


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There are two ways to handle multiple cards.

(1) Configure different IP cores for each in the IP core factory, so that they appear with distinct device file names. The advantage is the simplicity of telling which card is which. If both cards do exactly the same thing, the downside is that different bitfiles need to be maintained just for the sake of this.

(2) Use a Xillybus driver which adds a numeric prefix to the device file names, which represents the card it belongs to (for example, xillybus_00_read_32 and xillybus_01_read_32 instead of xillybus_read_32). This driver is available for both Linux and Windows at request. Note that the numbers given by the driver aren't repeatable across booting the computer, so other means are required to tell which is which.

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