Using Xillybus Device as PCIe-I2C Bus Adapter

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Using Xillybus Device as PCIe-I2C Bus Adapter

Postby mkarasoff » Tue Sep 13, 2016 7:58 am


I'm interested using a Xillybus device to interface with I2C bus adapter logic in the FPGA. I would like to access this I2C bus a Linux root via i2c-dev interface. I am considering using the Opencore I2C driver which already has a Linux I2C bus driver written, though I'm open to other solutions here - the simpler the better. Is an I2C bridge something that has been done before with Xillybus? Do anyone have any pointers on adapting existing Linux I2C bus drivers to work with Xillybus devices?

The I2C device would not be the only Xillybus device, I'm using another device for high-rate data streaming, and I'd like to keep the existing Xillybus driver in tact.

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Re: Using Xillybus Device as PCIe-I2C Bus Adapter

Postby support » Tue Sep 13, 2016 8:22 am


Xillybus provides plain data streams between the FPGA and the host, and has no dedicated interface for I2C. The driver for the I2C system must therefore be a userspace program. On the FPGA side, the logic must be designed to work against a FIFO interface, which isn't the classic way peripherals interface with hosts.

I2C over Xillybus / PCIe has been implemented in at least one commercial product I know of, with rather simple logic and driver, so it's possible and it works. Due to the commercial nature of that project, the code isn't released on the web.

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