access via xillubys ip in python

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access via xillubys ip in python

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Hi, dear support team,

Owing to SW application, we need to use Python for SW development. I would like to ask if it's possible to access the Xillybus IP via Python code in ZYNQ or ZYBO board.
In the Python SW, we would like to write data streams the co-processor wrapped up by Xillybus IP. However, all your example codes are in C. Appreciate for whatever inputs.

Re: access via xillubys ip in python

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Yes, Python can be used, as well as any language that can open files (and doesn't care if it's a "regular" file or not). Specifically, Python and Perl are known to work in both Linux and Windows with Xillybus.

No matter the language, the requirement to use low-level I/O, that is read() and write() based operations, and not fread() or fwrite(), remains when using higher-level languages. I'm not so good with Python, so I don't know the details, but I know for sure it's possible.

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