FPGA connected to GPMC

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FPGA connected to GPMC

Postby Guest » Mon Nov 19, 2018 4:54 am

Hello all,
I'm working on a custom board based on ti's AM335x processor.We are trying to interface Xilinix FPGA connected to GPMC bus.Is it possible to drive the FPGA connected to GPMC bus using XILLYBUS generic FPGA driver?

Re: FPGA connected to GPMC

Postby support » Mon Nov 19, 2018 7:20 am


Xillybus is available based upon two bus interfaces:

(1) PCIe (which is the main use)
(2) Xilinx' Zynq-7000 processors' AXI bus for interconnect with the PL (FPGA) part.

Other interfaces are not supported.

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