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Adjusting *in++ values to skip information

by Guest
I need to skip over some header information, so the first hundred bytes of data don't need to be processed. However, I can't manually adjust the value of the *in pointer. Is there a usual way this is done in xillybus?

Re: Adjusting *in++ values to skip information

by support

Xillybus provides a FIFO stream which is used by the HLS system. There is no API for skipping data on a FIFO, and since Xillybus talks with application logic through FIFOs, there's no API for skipping data.

I don't know if HLS allows skipping incoming data -- it's an issue to ask the Xilinx guys about. But my hunch is that it's not possible, and neither would it speed up things: The logic would have to scan through the ignored data elements anyhow, even if the C code would look slightly more elegant.