datalogging through Zybo using xillyBus

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datalogging through Zybo using xillyBus

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Hi i am working on a dataloger that store values in sd Card.I think xilly bus is the way to go .But i cannot go any furthur than the loop back test.can you point me in the direction .any help is appreciated.Thankyou in advance

Re: datalogging through Zybo using xillyBus

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Please take look at the xillydemo.v/.vhd file in the project you opened in the demo bundle. Both sides of the FIFOs there are connected to the Xillybus IP core, which is why they loop back.

In order to log data, you should push your own data to the relevant FIFO, and it will be transferred to the processor through Xillybus' IP core. Except for respecting the FIFO's full signal, there is no restriction on when you push data -- it will arrive intact to the program reading from the device file.

So in essence, disconnect the signals related to the write side of the FIFO from Xillybus' IP core, and connect your own logic instead.

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