Changing HLS expample.

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Re: Changing HLS expample.

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Hello Eli,

Thanks again for you kindly help.

It is great news that it is possible to use Vivado instead of ISE.

But you didnt answer the question ;) about the possibility of perform floating points operations. You mentioned that anything that can be built in ISE can be built in Vivado... but what about those operation that cannot be built in ISE like operations with floating numbers (multiply, add, substraction and square root)?. I will keep using Xillybus, it is great, I just want to know it in order to address better my time and energy.

In the meantime I have built the basic project in Vivado and I have a couple of questions, but I think it is better to do it in a new thread.

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Re: Changing HLS expample.

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I didn't answer the question about the floating point possibilities, because I don't know... I'm hardly an expert on HLS. I can help when it comes to issues with Xillybus. :mrgreen:

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