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Deepfifo license

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Hello Eli,

As far as I can tell, your deepfifo source code is published without a license. From the introduction I understand the following:
"Important: The deepfifo module is given at no cost, is not a product supplied by Xillybus, and is offered without support. Even though it has been tested rather rigorously on a KC705 board’s DDR memories, end users are solely responsible for its deployment in their projects."

I'm considering using this code in a project, but I cannot do so unless it has an explicit license. This could be as simple as an statement from you that the code is "free for any use" and whether or not you claim copyright.

If such a license doesn't already exist, my preference would be one of:
- 'unencumbered' type of license: "free for any use" / "public domain" / BSD Zero / CC0
- 'notice' type of license like MIT / BSD / CC BY / etc.

Thank you for posting this code and the detailed documentation. It looks like a better fit for me than the Xilinx VFIFO.

Best regards,

Re: Deepfifo license

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Free licenses are more complicated than those paid for. There is indeed no intention to charge money for the use of the deepfifo design. However turning this statement into a license for the purpose of logic design is not necessarily trivial.

To settle this issue formally, I suggest emailing support.

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Re: Deepfifo license

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Hi, thanks for sharing this is helpful.
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